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iAssure Facilitates Predictable Performance for 3M+ Users for a Leading Digital Media Powerhouse

  • 18 April, 2023

Due to rapid user growth, the digital agency based in Florida faced challenges in predicting the end-to-end performance of its media delivery system and user experience. Their load and performance testing took weeks, and the existing solution needed more scalability and complexity. Moreover, performance deteriorations were frequent, resulting in unsatisfactory customer experiences.

When the client approached Intelliswift, our team was quick to help. Intelliswift's iAssure IDE and AI scripting enabled achieving 100% test coverage and decreased load and performance testing setup time.

Now, the media delivery system operates reliably and predictably under a vast load. Script creation time has been reduced from weeks to less than a day, and load, performance, and scalability tests can scale up to 3M+ virtual users within 24 hours instead of taking several weeks. Download the case study to learn how Intelliswift's solution made load testing cost-predictable, leading to substantial savings for the business.

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