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Innovating security for your business with state-of-the-art solutions.

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In the complex landscape of modern business, cybersecurity is a non-negotiable pillar of resilience. As enterprises navigate the intricacies of an interconnected world, they must recognize the vital importance of cybersecurity and embrace its principles. At Intelliswift, we hold the security of every facet of your business value chain as our utmost priority. Whether it encompasses your digital and physical perimeters, internal processes, human resources, vendor relationships, applications, data, or transmission networks, we commit ourselves to ensuring their unwavering protection.

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Our Cybersecurity Services

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Integrated Threat Intelligence
& Managed Security Services
  • Next-Gen Security Operations Centre & Managed Security Services
  • Integrated Threat Management
  • Attack Surface Management & Brand Monitoring, Dark Web Monitoring Services
  • Red Team & Breach Assessment
  • Vulnerability Management Detection & Response Services
  • Google Chronicle-based Petabyte Scale Threat Hunting & Security Analytics
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Consulting & Transformation
  • Enterprise Security Architecture Design & Consulting
  • Governance, Risks & Compliances Managed Services & Consulting
  • Technology Adoption Readiness Consulting
  • M&A Cybersecurity Due Diligence Consulting
  • ISMS Standards Pre-Audit & Certifications Consulting
  • Cyber Risk Quantification Consulting
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Cloud & Application
  • Cloud Security Advisory & Architecture Consulting
  • Cloud Security Posture & Cloud Workload Protection Managed Services
  • Application Security Assessments & Managed Services
  • DevSecOps
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  • EDR & XDR
  • RansomCare Services
  • End Point Device Security Management
  • Endpoint VMDR Services
  • Security Advisor – Contextual Security Awareness Program
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Data & Identity
  • Managed Identity & Access Management
  • Privilege Identity Management
  • Data Classification & Data Security Governance Consulting
  • Data Leakage Prevention Consulting
  • Database Security
  • Data Security Managed Services
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  • Consulting Services
  • Architecture & Implementation Services
  • OT/IoT Managed Security Operations
  • OT/IoT Zero Trust Architecture & Deployment Services
  • Healthcare OT/IoT Security Consulting & Managed Security Operations

Other Services

Managed Endpoint Protection Security Services

  • Various levels of planning, design, implementation, configuration, optimization, management, and monitoring for an EDR system based on identified business and technical requirements.

Vulnerability Management & Response Services

  • Proactive identification, assessment, and timely resolution of potential security weaknesses, safeguarding valuable digital assets.

Application & Infrastructure Security Services

  • Mobile application security testing, secure application code review, platform security testing, network security & configuration review, cloud security testing, and web application security testing.

GRC Technology Enablement Services

  • Comprehensive suite of offerings, including expert advisory, transformative tech solutions, essential GRC services, and tailored niche solutions.

Red Team Assessment Services

  • Enhanced security through real-time attack simulations, gap identification, and remedial measures.

Attack Surface Assessment & Managed Services

  • Expertise in dark web and open internet monitoring, attack surface detection and hunting, third-party cyber scoring, cybercrime intelligence gathering, brand reputation monitoring, and delivering actionable threat intelligence.

Why Intelliswift?

Why Intelliswift


Why Intelliswift

Future-proof critical cybersecurity architecture

Why Intelliswift

Emphasis on maximizing investments

Why Intelliswift

Focus on increased executive visibility and direct correlation to business impact

Why Intelliswift

Enhanced cyber defense readiness and fortified cyber resilience, with real-time simulations

Why Intelliswift

Global expertise coupled with local delivery models


Success Stories
Case Study

Intelliswift’s Managed Security Service Mitigates Risks and Strengthens Security Posture for a Japanese Semiconductor Manufacturer

Success Stories
Case Study

Intelliswift's Accurate Device Data Saves Millions for a Healthcare Solution

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