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Digital Integration

Integrate new technologies for a seamless digital experience with enriched enterprise connectivity.

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IT complexity is a common deterrent to growing modern businesses. The increasing number of applications introduced in the already saturated ecosystem continues to threaten data governance, organizational silos, and visibility across business functions. Intelliswift offers Digital Integration services designed to deliver a connected digital experience to the organization and end customers. Our tailored solutions focus on API management, Google Cloud Platform, full-scale integration of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business Process Management (BPM), and Microservices.

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Our Digital Integration Services

Our Offering Our Offering

Platform Advisory & Technical Consulting

  • Platform Advisory and Assessment
  • Implementation roadmap and Recommendations
Our Offering Our Offering

Platform Provisioning

  • Product Installation and Configuration
  • Topology Definition
  • Product Version and Patches Upgrades
Our Offering Our Offering

Platform Engineering

  • API and Integration Architecture
  • Design and Development
  • Program Execution
Our Offering Our Offering

Platform Migration Services

  • Platform Migration Readiness Assessment
  • Migration Execution and Support
Our Offering Our Offering

API Developer Experience and Marketplace

  • API Developer Portal Implementation
  • API Marketplace strategy
  • API Developer Evangelization
Our Offering Our Offering

Support and Sustenance

  • API and Integration Platform Sustenance
  • API Product Support Services
Hybrid Integration iPaaS API Management Cloud Native Integration Partner Integration (EDI/B2B) Microservices
Dedicated Center for Excellence Frameworks, PoVs and Accelerators to facilitate across SDLC phases

Our Digital Integration Expertise

API Management

  • API-driven implementation
  • API Management Platform implementation

Google Cloud Platform

  • Application hosting and containerization on GCP
  • Native service layer implementation on GCP
  • Cloud Security using GCP services

Enterprise Integration

  • Enterprise Service Bus, Integration Platform as a Service and BPM
  • Event-based integration & Messaging layer implementation


  • Microservices Strategy and Architecture
  • Accelerated app modernization
  • Microservices Development, Dev-Sec-ops
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API Management Capabilities


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  • API Platform Assessment
  • API Management Product Selection
  • API & Microservices Technology selection
  • Technical Consulting on API Roadmap

Platform & Architecture

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  • API Platform Topology
  • Microservices Architecture
  • API Management Architecture
  • API Design Patterns
  • Hybrid or Multi-Cloud Architecture


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  • Migrate across API Platform
  • API Migration Assessment
  • Legacy Apps to API/Microservices Migration


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  • API and Microservices Development
  • API Management Proxy Development
  • API Publishing
  • API Marketplace


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  • API Support and Sustenance
  • API Platform Support, Maintenance and Upgrade


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  • API Platform Validation
  • API Performance Testing
  • API Functional Testing


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  • API C4E
  • API Lifecycle and Version Management
  • API Identification
  • Process, Best practices and standards setup


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  • DevSecOps for API
  • API Analytics and Monitoring Dashboard
  • API Release Management
  • API Platform Monitoring

Frameworks & Accelerators

Assessment Framework Governance Framework Migration Accelerators Development Accelerators Testing Accelerators Hybrid Integration Reference Architecture Network Topologies References Cloud API Management

Why Intelliswift?

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Drive business efficiencies and cost savings with our cloud-enabled integration technologies

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Ensure faster and secure implementation with our innovative frameworks and proven practices

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Leverage our cutting-edge services and solutions to build a digital ecosystem that lets you quickly and easily deploy applications

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Regulate effective IT governance and ensure accountability with our robust governance and control capabilities

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Enjoy the flexibility of simplifying, customizing, and scaling your IT ecosystem with our client-focused engagement and highly experienced subject matter experts

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